A Personal Favorite: Willow Tree Wallpaper

Minuet aka Blue Willow Wallpaper SJR039

Ronald Redding’s pattern, Minuet, displays the flowing branches of a willow tree. You can imagine it dancing in the spring breeze. We just had snow here on the ground last week, but today it was warm enough to open the door and let in the spring breeze (and yet not completely melt the darn snow). While the ground is still brown, and the branches still bare, spring is here and soon will be evidenced by the weeping willows. You can have your own bit of spring year round, with this designer wallpaper. And, of course, at a great deal. This paper retails for $149.98 /bolt, and we have it priced $50.00/bolt. It is one of my favorites, and very difficult to resist using some myself. But, as we do have limited quantities, resist I must! You can find it on our web-site here. I did have fun taking some photos (while imagining the world soon filled with a lot more green):


Blue Willow Wallpaper


Blue Willow Wallpaper



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