Lititz, PA Chocolate Walk

The tickets were purchased many weeks before. The sneakers were set by the front door with care. A small breakfast was eaten, leaving plenty of room for chocolate delights. The stroller was prepped and ready to go. No storage container was brought. 32 stops for chocolate tasting goodness and I was all in. I was so busy enjoying the company of my companions, pushing a sweet baby in a stroller, and eating chocolate that I hardly took any photos. Just a few that are variations of this:

IMG_0196And, I realize you can’t tell from the photo, but that is Wilbur Chocolate in the background. And, it smells like chocolate where we are in this photo. Yes, walking down the street you just inhale the incredible smell of chocolate. It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want to move there. Oh, and that small group of ladies, that is my chocolate tasting crew. And, this is my only photo of them. I bet they are so glad I only managed a photo of their backsides. I’m such a great friend.

I also took this photo: IMG_0211

That chubby foot was made possible by chocolate. I actually use to eat a Wilbur bud each time I woke up in the middle of the night to feed this dear child in the very early days. I tell you this because you don’t know who I am. And, believe it or not I am cavity free as of my last dentist appointment a couple weeks ago.

Enough rambling…

What I want to present you with, dear reader, is this cute store: Zest, located on the main street in Lititz, PA.


Photo from Zest’s home page.

And, one of the chocolate stops. The store is filled with kitchen gadgets, gourmet food, and is a delight to behold. A place to wander and explore. It also was one of my favorite chocolate stops. I didn’t get a good photo, but I had the best salted caramel chocolate ever. Yes, ever. It was smooth and rich. Sweet. I was leary of the salt crystals, but the way they worked with the chocolate and caramel goodness was like some kind of gastronomical magic, salt and sweet. Because of said baby, the day went in a whirl for me. Only later did I investigate the store and the maker of the best salted caramel. Let me introduce you to Evans Candy.

Evans Candy is a family owned and operated business and has been operating for over 30 years. They are committed to using only the finest ingredients with no preservatives. Thus, you could say, they are kind of healthy? For sure a place worth checking out. I found their facebook page to have some pretty awesome photos of their stuff. Mmmmm

What on earth does this have to do with wallpaper? Look back at the photo of Zest’s store front. On the right side of the photo is what we call, Distressed Harlequin Wallpaper. Doesn’t it look perfect? They also put some up in the back portion of their store in the kitchen area. Where they were handing out Evans Candy:


Can you spot the milk chocolate salted caramels?

To sum up:

  • Move to Litiz, PA. Or, plan a day to stroll through the quaint town.
  •  Zest: Stop in for some kitchen wonders. Appreciate their excellent use of wallpaper on feature walls.
  • Distressed Harlequin Wallpaper, our item #EBY082, is a versatile pattern. Looks great in the background of photos featuring chocolate, among other applications.
  • Evans Candy: Maker of some pretty awesome chocolate. Good stuff. Family owned and operated. Reasonable prices.

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