Wallpaper Made with Glass Beads / Dream Weaver Wallpaper

Product Spotlight: Ronald Redding’s Dream Weaver Wallpaper by York Wallcovering, on our sale page! Woot! Woot!

The first American manufacturer to add recycled glass beads and sand to wallpaper, York hand-crafted its own machine from scratch to achieve these effects. The process itself is a lot like a child’s glitter-and-glue project, but the glamorous result is very grown-up:

Glass Bead Wallpaper by Ronald Redding

Dream Weaver Glass Bead Wallpaper by Ronald Redding, Item DHR048

Glass bead wallpaper is best represented in person. But, since we are an internet business and the computer screen doesn’t always do the best job of displaying wallpaper, allow me give you a few more images. You really need to see this one in person (and yes, we send samples!).


3 Dimensional Wall Luxury


Dream Weaver Stripe


Made with Recycled Glass


Our Item DHR048


This particular design, Dream Weaver Stripe, is from a collection by Ronald Redding. Retail price is $280.00 a bolt. Our price for our remaining stock is just $40.00. Our item # DHR048. Get a sample. Get a bolt. Transform a room. And, send us a picture of the finished product!



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