Wallpaper Hanging Mistakes (I’ve Made)


Finished Product. Worth all the work!

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve thought about color, pattern, and perhaps a theme for your room. You’ve pored over wallpaper books, samples, and color swatches. And, you’ve narrowed it down to one glorious wallpaper pattern. Your order has been placed and it’s arrived! You have decided to stay in the entire day on Saturday just to hang your paper and put your room together. How exciting! Eeeek! I know. I’ve been there a couple times. But, I need to warn you. Your instructions give a few pointers for a reason. I’ve learned the hard way. Here are some tips from the school of hard knocks regarding wallpaper hanging:

Tip #1: Check your wallpaper for defects. I know. I too just want to get right down to business and hang the wallpaper already! But, don’t be like me and hang four strips of The Perfect Wallpaper Pattern to only discover that there are red streaks on your walls.*(So it wasn’t a defect. Read more below to find out what those red streaks really were!) All that time measuring, cutting, lining up, and making final cuts are for naught because you have to pull off each carefully hung strip. And you ask yourself, why didn’t I just check for defects before I hung the stupid things! Please forgive me for using stupid and wallpaper in the same sentence.

If you do find defects, we’ll make sure to replace your paper with defect-free rolls. It isn’t often, but it is a problem that can be encountered when wallpapering. You’ll want to snap a picture of the defect, or send us a small sample of the wallpaper, defect included, so that we can confirm it is a defect. Unfortunately this is necessary because we’ve had those who have tried to get “free” paper via fraud. Sad, but true.

In the last couple of years, this is the first defect we’ve been notified about:


Small white area of missing pattern.


What a defect might look like.

*I did have red streaks on my wallpaper, but I was the yahoo who put them there! Yep, I had no idea that the red paint from my wall would transfer so easily to my wallpaper! I have since gone through each room with a white sheet of paper and realized: all my wall paint can be rubbed off to some degree onto the white paper. I realized this after I opened up a new bolt of wallpaper to photograph for the manufacturer as proof of the defect (I get why it is a second thought to hold on to evidence – I wanted to tear up and burn that paper with the red streaks. Do you know how much love and effort went into hanging up those red streaked strips?!?!). I couldn’t find the steaks on the fresh bolt of paper, and I realized something was amiss. I grabbed a sample of the paper and brushed it up against the red wall and voila! Totally my fault. Don’t be like me.


Not a defect. Paint from my wall easily rubbed onto the wallpaper.



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