Our Association With Wallpaper Began Over 40 Years Ago
Discount Wallcovering has been in existence since 1976 when we opened our first Discount Wallcovering store, in Tulsa, OK. However, we actually began selling wallpaper five years earlier, in 1971, when we began importing and selling grasscloth wallpaper through our import shop, Creative Imports. When our Creative Imports landlord, an architect, found out that we sold wallpaper, he stopped by and told us that if we would get some sample books, he’d order his wallpaper through us, so we contacted a distributor in Memphis, TN, and have sold a variety of wallpaper ever since.

We Started Out By Discounting Prices
When we opened Discount Wallcovering (1976), the idea of offering discount wallpaper appealed to us, because we didn’t have a lot of expertise to offer our customers, but we thought that we certainly could offer our customers a lot of value, with discount wallpaper prices. Our wallpaper sample books came with prices preprinted. We discounted the preprinted prices 10%, which discount at the time made us the price competitive wallpaper store in town.

Generally speaking, discounts have increased over the past 40 years – you know, free enterprise and the market place at work. However surprising it may seem, though, we’ve actually found several of our competitor’s today selling wallpaper at above MSRP, online. More about that later.

First Of A Five Part Blog
This is the first of a five part blog. In parts II through V we tell: how a California distributor creates an “in stock” wallpaper national chain and stocking wallpaper dealers proliferate, how the standard bolt size changes to “Euro” and confusion abounds, about designer wallpaper & wallpaper brands, and finally, how grasscloths compare.

PART II – In Stock Wallpaper

PART III – Euro Rolls And The Mythical “Single Roll”

PART IV – Designer Wallpaper & Wallpaper Brands

PART V – Grasscloths Compared