A Major Shift Occurs With “In Stock” Wallpaper
In the late 1970s, wallpaper dealers were offered “in stock” wallpaper, and wallpaper merchandising was fundamentally changed forever. Before wallpaper dealers carried in stock wallpaper, wallpaper dealers were pretty much the same. Each dealer basically carried the same lines, and bought from the same distributors, for the same prices. By stocking selected patterns from the tens of thousands available at any given time, wallpaper dealers were able to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and to give their customers the convenience of immediately taking their purchase home, rather than waiting on the arrival of a shipment.

About this same time, a west coast wholesale distributor opened a chain of “in stock” wallpaper stores as a way of dumping discontinued, unsold patterns from expired collections. This chain was later franchised, and upgraded with current inventory, and seemed to usher in the general market acceptance of the convenience of in stock wallpaper stores. Many small chains, including ours, popped up across the nation. Wallpaper border, and wallpaper murals, were added alongside the in stock sidewalls.

By carrying in stock wallpaper we have been able to noticeably improve our customer service. We are oftentimes able to deliver next day service to nearby destinations by simply getting ground orders shipped the same day. And several times we’ve been able to scavenge our sample bolt for a customer needing just a bit more of a recently sold out pattern.

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In part III through V: the standard bolt size changes to “Euro” and confusion abounds, designer wallpaper & wallpaper brands, and finally, grasscloths compared.

PART III – Euro Rolls And The Mythical “Single Roll”

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PART V – Grasscloth Compared

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