what makes a designer pattern so expensive (for example Schumacher’s “Balloons” – at $355/bolt on our site, or more elsewhere)? Is a designer pattern more attractive than other wallpaper? Does it cost more to produce? Is it the label on the packaging? The answers to these questions respectively are probably, possibly, and most definitely.

Is designer wallpaper more attractive than other wallpaper? “Balloons” (our example) is more attractive than more common wallpaper patterns. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this pattern certainly catches the eye. Designers make their mark by successfully influencing others, so for attractiveness, designer patterns probably have an intrinsic, if intangible, value.

Does designer wallpaper cost more to produce? The answer here is possibly. Some designer patterns are produced in fairly large quantities and probably cost no more than mainstream patterns, however, in general designer patterns represent small production runs, and consequently cost more to produce. Also, some materials (raised print, glass beads, metallic inks, etc) add additional cost, so it’s easy to see that designer patterns could cost more to produce.

Does the designer label on a bolt of wallpaper have a lot to do with the perceived value of that wallpaper? This is the heart of branding, and has a lot more influence on the cost of a wallpaper than its attractiveness, or cost to produce.

There are a couple of strategies that employs to offer its customers a price advantage when shopping for designer brands. First would be our Closeout Designer Wallpaper category. Schumacher’s “Balloons” wallpaper is a designer wallpaper pattern, and is priced accordingly. When shopping for wallpaper, though, keep in mind that even designer wallpaper patterns (like the “Balloons” pattern) can end up in the bargain bin. On our site, our designer bargain bin is our Closeout Designer Wallpaper category. For each pattern in that closeout category we show the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for reference. As a courtesy to the manufacturers (some of them can be rather insistent), we generally don’t reference the actual brand names on site (these brand names infer an exclusiveness), but all of the patterns in this category carry a recognizable designer label.

The second strategy we offer is our Price Buster Quote form. For current designer wallpaper patterns (like “Balloons”), we price as aggressively as possible, however, many designer patterns are price protected by MAP (minimum advertised price) policies. For those patterns, our Price Buster Quote form is a useful tool. We honor the MAP advertised pricing, but for our customers that want a deal, we offer our Price Buster Quote form. Simply tell us what you want to buy, and we’ll give you the best price that we can come up with.

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