Ashford Whites is a collection of monochromatic, largely geometric, metallic, neutral designs that fit smartly in the background of modern interiors.

The pattern below consists of distorted vertical bands which form waves of metallic and matte inks, giving movement and sheen to this tribute to the 60’s; this Ashford House wallpaper is named Groovy, of course. This design is available in four colorways, Groovy Geometric Wallpaper.

The Point Of View Geometric Wallpaper, available in four colorways, features trapezoids and parallelograms, forming a puzzle-like geometric with a sense of humor.

Valdivian Leaves Wallpaper, available in four colorways, features generously scaled leaves in raised inks for beautiful texture, and captures the lush foliage of South America’s rain forest.

The Piet Geometric Wallpaper design, available in three colorways, is inspired by the artistry of Mondrian, and is striking in a two-tone palette and audacious scale; this geometric is wonderfully compatible with open contemporary decor.

The Diamond Lattice Wallpaper, which we offer in two colorways, is a small scale design featuring X’s or diamonds. The shapes, defined by slender lines, form a web of both, creating a neat, tidy, two color pattern. It’s on a medium scale, slightly larger than four inches tall and two inches wide. This wallpaper would look fresh in a modern or contemporary setting.

Another distinctive design in the Ashford Whites is the Theorem Toile Wallpaper in black and white. This oversized linear geometric grid of 10.5 inch squares is reminiscent of tracery. Used in the creation of stained glass, these lines provide depth and additional dimension, much like this large trellis effect, but without an overwhelming commitment to pattern.

All of these designs are produced on York’s technologically advanced SureStrip substrate.