what makes a designer pattern so expensive (for example Schumacher’s “Balloons” – at $355/bolt on our site, or more elsewhere)? Is it more attractive than other wallpaper? Does it cost more to produce? Is it the label on the packaging? The answers to these questions respectively are probably, possibly, and most definitely.

Is designer wallpaper more attractive than other wallpaper? I would argue that “Balloons” (our example) is more attractive than more common wallpaper patterns. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this pattern catches my eye. Designers make their mark by successfully influencing others, so personally I would concede that designer patterns probably have an intrinsic, if intangible, value.

Does designer wallpaper cost more to produce? The answer here is possibly. Some designer patterns are produced in fairly large quantities and probably cost no more than mainstream patterns, however, it’s reasonable to argue that in general they represent small production runs, and consequently cost more to produce. Also, some materials (raised print, glass beads, metallic inks, etc) may add additional cost, so it’s easy to see that designer patterns quite possibly cost more to produce.

Does the designer label on a bolt of wallpaper have a lot to do with the perceived value of that wallpaper? I would say that the label on the packaging has a lot more influence on the cost of the wallpaper than its attractiveness, or cost to produce.

There are a couple of strategies that employs to offer its customers a price advantage when shopping for designer brands. First would be our Closeout Designer Wallpaper category. Schumacher’s “Balloons” wallpaper is a designer wallpaper pattern, and is priced accordingly. When shopping for wallpaper, though, keep in mind that even designer wallpaper patterns (like the “Balloons” pattern) can end up in the bargain bin. On our site, our designer bargain bin is our Closeout Designer Wallpaper category. For each pattern in that closeout category we show the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for reference. As a courtesy to the manufacturers (some of them can be rather insistent), we generally don’t reference the actual brand names on site (these brand names infer an exclusiveness), but rest assured that all of the patterns in this category carry a recognizable designer label.

The second strategy we offer is our Price Buster Quote form. For current designer wallpaper patterns (like “Balloons”), we price as aggressively as possible, however, many designer patterns are price protected by MAP (minimum advertised price) policies. For those patterns, our Price Buster Quote form is a useful tool. We honor the MAP advertised pricing, but for our customers that want a deal, we offer our Price Buster Quote form. Simply tell us what you want to buy, and we’ll give you the best price that we can come up with.

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PART V – Grasscloths Compared

Classic Wallpaper Designs

We have recently added seven designs to our website from the recently released Waverly Classics Volume II collection (our search code WCL). Discount Wallcovering now carries the following designs: Kent Crossing, Peaceful Temple, Clifton Hall, Cozy Up Stripe, Swept Away Paisley, Lotus Lake, and Arbor Imagery. These new designs are produced on York’s technologically advanced SureStrip substrate. The blue tones colorway of Peaceful Temple is shown below.



York has recently released Border Portfolio II (our search code BPY) and there are several oldies but goodies, several updates, and many totally new designs. All of the borders are produced on prepasted SureStrip. Here are a few examples:

conifer-bordercomfort-food-borderThe designs shown above are Meander Border, Perception Border, Conifer Border, and Comfort Food Border. In Border Portfolio II, there are over 50 designs in all – check them out using the search code BPY.


Grasscloth – a practical decorating solution

Shop For Grasscoth Wallpaper


Our company has had a long association, and many experiences, with grasscloth. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:

Covers Textured Walls
Our first grasscloth shipment, received back in 1971, was evidence that grasscloth wallpaper was something different. Back then, the Japanese and Koreans packed grasscloth 25 bolts to the case, and those 3 foot long cases were hefty. Hefty has its advantages. Back in Oklahoma, where textured paint was popular with homebuilders, putting wallpaper onto textured walls was a painful process. First, you had to smooth the walls. That involved sanding, or knocking down the texture with a used brick, or first applying a liner paper. That meant time and toil. Voila – grasscloth. One application with this hefty, thick, and naturally textured wallpaper, and the painted texturing disappeared.

Please note that for purposes of covering textured walls, some grasscloths work better than others. The best at covering textured walls would be nubby with coarse grass.

lesson learned: textured walls could be papered with grasscloth

Repair Is Fairly Easy
One of our company’s early ventures was homebuilding. One day, while hurrying into new construction with a load of last minute hardware, the heavy solid core front door was briskly swung open, and since the door stops were not yet in place, the door knob went right into and through the already wallpapered, grassclothed entry wall.

This gaping hole, immediately in the front entry, was an eyesore to be fixed. First the sheetrock was patched. And while with many wallpapers, repairing previously hung wallpaper could be a problem, not so with grasscloth. By removing a horizontal band of grasscloth, a replacement strip was applied, and because of the many horizontal grass strands comprising grasscloth wallpaper, evidence of the splicing, once completed, was hidden from sight.

lesson learned: repairs are fairly easy with grasscloth

Blends In
Another early company venture was an import shop whose display wall shelving was sectioned by vertical posts. To distinguish the different sections, we used different colored grasscloths – green, blue, tan, etc. Rather than clashing, the muted tones of the various grasscloth colors worked well together.

lesson learned: natural grasscloth (even when dyed) is muted in tone, and tends to work well with a variety of colors

Hides Small Holes
Over the years we covered a lot of walls with grasscloth, and then we punctured those walls. We drove nails into them to hang racks, we stock pins into them to display bulletins, and we used picture hooks to hang pictures. When we moved the racks, took down the bulletins, and removed the pictures, the resultant holes were lost in the grasscloth texturing.

lesson learned: grasscloth works well for walls that receive small punctures

Can Be Waterproofed
People loved to put grasscloth in bathrooms, but grasscloth and moisture didn’t mix. Using the internet, we found a site that had tested waterproofing agents for marine applications. One of their best test subjects, and one that was readily available, was 3M’s Scotchgard. We conducted our own test by spraying a strip of grasscloth with Scotchgard,  and afterwards, water ran off our treated wallpaper like water off a duck’s back.

Believing it’s prudent to error on the side of caution, we would suggest three applications of Scotchgard.

lesson learned: protect grasscloth from moisture by using Scotchgard

Grasscloth, the environmentally friendly, easily adaptable, decorating enhancement, is also quite practical.

Shop For Grasscoth Wallpaper

New Ashford Toiles Designs

Among the new Ashford Toiles designs is an assortment of domestic dogs decked out in various articles of clothing, including top hat, sweater, tie, ribbon, collar, and glasses. This canine design is available in three colorways, Dog’s Life Toile Wallpaper.

Another of the new designs is this eye-catching Papillon design which features a variety of butterflies fluttering through the flowers and leaves of this climbing vine design. This design is available in four colorways, Papillon Toile Wallpaper.


Also, there is a new Asian design featuring a tranquil Asian scenic with a garden, flowering plants and trees, and a boatman. It is available in five colorways, Asian Scenic Wallpaper.


These new designs are produced on York’s technologically advanced SureStrip substrate.

Wallpaper Hanging Mistakes (I’ve Made)


Finished Product. Worth all the work!

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve thought about color, pattern, and perhaps a theme for your room. You’ve pored over wallpaper books, samples, and color swatches. And, you’ve narrowed it down to one glorious wallpaper pattern. Your order has been placed and it’s arrived! You have decided to stay in the entire day on Saturday just to hang your paper and put your room together. How exciting! Eeeek! I know. I’ve been there a couple times. But, I need to warn you. Your instructions give a few pointers for a reason. I’ve learned the hard way. Here are some tips from the school of hard knocks regarding wallpaper hanging:

Tip #1: Check your wallpaper for defects. I know. I too just want to get right down to business and hang the wallpaper already! But, don’t be like me and hang four strips of The Perfect Wallpaper Pattern to only discover that there are red streaks on your walls.*(So it wasn’t a defect. Read more below to find out what those red streaks really were!) All that time measuring, cutting, lining up, and making final cuts are for naught because you have to pull off each carefully hung strip. And you ask yourself, why didn’t I just check for defects before I hung the stupid things! Please forgive me for using stupid and wallpaper in the same sentence.

If you do find defects, we’ll make sure to replace your paper with defect-free rolls. It isn’t often, but it is a problem that can be encountered when wallpapering. You’ll want to snap a picture of the defect, or send us a small sample of the wallpaper, defect included, so that we can confirm it is a defect. Unfortunately this is necessary because we’ve had those who have tried to get “free” paper via fraud. Sad, but true.

In the last couple of years, this is the first defect we’ve been notified about:


Small white area of missing pattern.


What a defect might look like.

*I did have red streaks on my wallpaper, but I was the yahoo who put them there! Yep, I had no idea that the red paint from my wall would transfer so easily to my wallpaper! I have since gone through each room with a white sheet of paper and realized: all my wall paint can be rubbed off to some degree onto the white paper. I realized this after I opened up a new bolt of wallpaper to photograph for the manufacturer as proof of the defect (I get why it is a second thought to hold on to evidence – I wanted to tear up and burn that paper with the red streaks. Do you know how much love and effort went into hanging up those red streaked strips?!?!). I couldn’t find the steaks on the fresh bolt of paper, and I realized something was amiss. I grabbed a sample of the paper and brushed it up against the red wall and voila! Totally my fault. Don’t be like me.


Not a defect. Paint from my wall easily rubbed onto the wallpaper.



Wallpaper Made with Glass Beads / Dream Weaver Wallpaper

Product Spotlight: Ronald Redding’s Dream Weaver Wallpaper by York Wallcovering, on our sale page! Woot! Woot!

The first American manufacturer to add recycled glass beads and sand to wallpaper, York hand-crafted its own machine from scratch to achieve these effects. The process itself is a lot like a child’s glitter-and-glue project, but the glamorous result is very grown-up:

Glass Bead Wallpaper by Ronald Redding

Dream Weaver Glass Bead Wallpaper by Ronald Redding, Item DHR048

Glass bead wallpaper is best represented in person. But, since we are an internet business and the computer screen doesn’t always do the best job of displaying wallpaper, allow me give you a few more images. You really need to see this one in person (and yes, we send samples!).


3 Dimensional Wall Luxury


Dream Weaver Stripe


Made with Recycled Glass


Our Item DHR048


This particular design, Dream Weaver Stripe, is from a collection by Ronald Redding. Retail price is $280.00 a bolt. Our price for our remaining stock is just $40.00. Our item # DHR048. Get a sample. Get a bolt. Transform a room. And, send us a picture of the finished product!


Breaking News, Kitchen and Craft Room Wallpaper Steals and Deals

This just in: Discount Wallcovering has added three hot new patterns to their closeout page. All three suitable for your kitchen or craft room, or any room of your choosing. Grab a (refundable) sample and see if it would work in your breakfast nook. But, as is the case with all our closeouts, limited quantities available!

Kitchen Pears Wallpaper



Kitchen Utensils Silhouettes



Kitchen Utensils and Ovals Wallpaper



Lititz, PA Chocolate Walk

The tickets were purchased many weeks before. The sneakers were set by the front door with care. A small breakfast was eaten, leaving plenty of room for chocolate delights. The stroller was prepped and ready to go. No storage container was brought. 32 stops for chocolate tasting goodness and I was all in. I was so busy enjoying the company of my companions, pushing a sweet baby in a stroller, and eating chocolate that I hardly took any photos. Just a few that are variations of this:

IMG_0196And, I realize you can’t tell from the photo, but that is Wilbur Chocolate in the background. And, it smells like chocolate where we are in this photo. Yes, walking down the street you just inhale the incredible smell of chocolate. It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want to move there. Oh, and that small group of ladies, that is my chocolate tasting crew. And, this is my only photo of them. I bet they are so glad I only managed a photo of their backsides. I’m such a great friend.

I also took this photo: IMG_0211

That chubby foot was made possible by chocolate. I actually use to eat a Wilbur bud each time I woke up in the middle of the night to feed this dear child in the very early days. I tell you this because you don’t know who I am. And, believe it or not I am cavity free as of my last dentist appointment a couple weeks ago.

Enough rambling…

What I want to present you with, dear reader, is this cute store: Zest, located on the main street in Lititz, PA.


Photo from Zest’s home page.

And, one of the chocolate stops. The store is filled with kitchen gadgets, gourmet food, and is a delight to behold. A place to wander and explore. It also was one of my favorite chocolate stops. I didn’t get a good photo, but I had the best salted caramel chocolate ever. Yes, ever. It was smooth and rich. Sweet. I was leary of the salt crystals, but the way they worked with the chocolate and caramel goodness was like some kind of gastronomical magic, salt and sweet. Because of said baby, the day went in a whirl for me. Only later did I investigate the store and the maker of the best salted caramel. Let me introduce you to Evans Candy.

Evans Candy is a family owned and operated business and has been operating for over 30 years. They are committed to using only the finest ingredients with no preservatives. Thus, you could say, they are kind of healthy? For sure a place worth checking out. I found their facebook page to have some pretty awesome photos of their stuff. Mmmmm

What on earth does this have to do with wallpaper? Look back at the photo of Zest’s store front. On the right side of the photo is what we call, Distressed Harlequin Wallpaper. Doesn’t it look perfect? They also put some up in the back portion of their store in the kitchen area. Where they were handing out Evans Candy:


Can you spot the milk chocolate salted caramels?

To sum up:

  • Move to Litiz, PA. Or, plan a day to stroll through the quaint town.
  •  Zest: Stop in for some kitchen wonders. Appreciate their excellent use of wallpaper on feature walls.
  • Distressed Harlequin Wallpaper, our item #EBY082, is a versatile pattern. Looks great in the background of photos featuring chocolate, among other applications.
  • Evans Candy: Maker of some pretty awesome chocolate. Good stuff. Family owned and operated. Reasonable prices.