Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper

It’s true: wallpaper has a bad rap. You move in to a fixer upper and most times, you have to remove that old wallpaper. Pieces of plaster or dry wall come off with it. Wall repair. Nothing makes you want to paint like having to spend hours pulling old solid vinyl fruit baskets off your walls. But, York has been working hard to make wallpaper easier to hang and remove than ever. Not only do they now make most of their patterns on SureStrip, but they also recommend a spray bottle for wetting the paper instead of using a water tray. You can still use a water tray, but the simplicity of a spray bottle vs a water tray is appealing.

Wallpaper for Photographers

The weather is turning colder and the days are getting shorter; this may have some of you photographers thinking about moving your clients inside. Whether to avoid red noses or just keep teeny tiny pigs (toes) from getting cold, wallpaper is a great way to add some fun and diversity to your indoor photo shoots. As we were browsing how-to videos, we came across this one that gives instructions on one way to build a backdrop using wallpaper.

Significant to note, we carry this pattern on our website, our item # BCD001 (located on our Damask Wallpaper page).

How about some inspiration? Check out the use of wallpaper in this photographer’s work:

Paper Illusion Customer Photo

It means so much to us when a customer takes the time to share a photo of work they’ve done on their home with wallpaper purchased from us. We believe wallpaper truly is a form of art for your home, and we love seeing how customers utilize this medium in individual and unique ways.

Mr. T (Not from the A-Team) informed us this is a work-in-progress and he’ll be finishing up soon, but it is very exciting to see the pattern up on the wall! This Paper Illusion colorway is known as Birdseye Marble Copper Glow, our item #PPI606, and can be found here.

Perhaps you are like me, Elizabeth (not quite as experienced in the world of wallpaper as her father), and aren’t very familiar with Paper Illusion?  If not, then maybe you’ll find this video a helpful demonstration of what the product is and how to use it:

A HUGE thanks to Mr.T for providing photos! I must admit, I am completely inspired to give this product a try.  I’m ready for some boldness in my home and love the darker colors. How about you?