New Ashford Toiles Designs

Among the new Ashford Toiles designs is an assortment of domestic dogs decked out in various articles of clothing, including top hat, sweater, tie, ribbon, collar, and glasses. This canine design is available in three colorways, Dog’s Life Toile Wallpaper.

Another of the new designs is this eye-catching Papillon design which features a variety of butterflies fluttering through the flowers and leaves of this climbing vine design. This design is available in four colorways, Papillon Toile Wallpaper.


Also, there is a new Asian design featuring a tranquil Asian scenic with a garden, flowering plants and trees, and a boatman. It is available in five colorways, Asian Scenic Wallpaper.


These new designs are produced on York’s technologically advanced SureStrip substrate.


Wallpaper Hanging Mistakes (I’ve Made)


Finished Product. Worth all the work!

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve thought about color, pattern, and perhaps a theme for your room. You’ve pored over wallpaper books, samples, and color swatches. And, you’ve narrowed it down to one glorious wallpaper pattern. Your order has been placed and it’s arrived! You have decided to stay in the entire day on Saturday just to hang your paper and put your room together. How exciting! Eeeek! I know. I’ve been there a couple times. But, I need to warn you. Your instructions give a few pointers for a reason. I’ve learned the hard way. Here are some tips from the school of hard knocks regarding wallpaper hanging:

Tip #1: Check your wallpaper for defects. I know. I too just want to get right down to business and hang the wallpaper already! But, don’t be like me and hang four strips of The Perfect Wallpaper Pattern to only discover that there are red streaks on your walls.*(So it wasn’t a defect. Read more below to find out what those red streaks really were!) All that time measuring, cutting, lining up, and making final cuts are for naught because you have to pull off each carefully hung strip. And you ask yourself, why didn’t I just check for defects before I hung the stupid things! Please forgive me for using stupid and wallpaper in the same sentence.

If you do find defects, we’ll make sure to replace your paper with defect-free rolls. It isn’t often, but it is a problem that can be encountered when wallpapering. You’ll want to snap a picture of the defect, or send us a small sample of the wallpaper, defect included, so that we can confirm it is a defect. Unfortunately this is necessary because we’ve had those who have tried to get “free” paper via fraud. Sad, but true.

In the last couple of years, this is the first defect we’ve been notified about:


Small white area of missing pattern.


What a defect might look like.

*I did have red streaks on my wallpaper, but I was the yahoo who put them there! Yep, I had no idea that the red paint from my wall would transfer so easily to my wallpaper! I have since gone through each room with a white sheet of paper and realized: all my wall paint can be rubbed off to some degree onto the white paper. I realized this after I opened up a new bolt of wallpaper to photograph for the manufacturer as proof of the defect (I get why it is a second thought to hold on to evidence – I wanted to tear up and burn that paper with the red streaks. Do you know how much love and effort went into hanging up those red streaked strips?!?!). I couldn’t find the steaks on the fresh bolt of paper, and I realized something was amiss. I grabbed a sample of the paper and brushed it up against the red wall and voila! Totally my fault. Don’t be like me.


Not a defect. Paint from my wall easily rubbed onto the wallpaper.



Wallpaper Made with Glass Beads / Dream Weaver Wallpaper

Product Spotlight: Ronald Redding’s Dream Weaver Wallpaper by York Wallcovering, on our sale page! Woot! Woot!

The first American manufacturer to add recycled glass beads and sand to wallpaper, York hand-crafted its own machine from scratch to achieve these effects. The process itself is a lot like a child’s glitter-and-glue project, but the glamorous result is very grown-up:

Glass Bead Wallpaper by Ronald Redding

Dream Weaver Glass Bead Wallpaper by Ronald Redding, Item DHR048

Glass bead wallpaper is best represented in person. But, since we are an internet business and the computer screen doesn’t always do the best job of displaying wallpaper, allow me give you a few more images. You really need to see this one in person (and yes, we send samples!).


3 Dimensional Wall Luxury


Dream Weaver Stripe


Made with Recycled Glass


Our Item DHR048


This particular design, Dream Weaver Stripe, is from a collection by Ronald Redding. Retail price is $280.00 a bolt. Our price for our remaining stock is just $40.00. Our item # DHR048. Get a sample. Get a bolt. Transform a room. And, send us a picture of the finished product!


Breaking News, Kitchen and Craft Room Wallpaper Steals and Deals

This just in: Discount Wallcovering has added three hot new patterns to their closeout page. All three suitable for your kitchen or craft room, or any room of your choosing. Grab a (refundable) sample and see if it would work in your breakfast nook. But, as is the case with all our closeouts, limited quantities available!

Kitchen Pears Wallpaper



Kitchen Utensils Silhouettes



Kitchen Utensils and Ovals Wallpaper



Lititz, PA Chocolate Walk

The tickets were purchased many weeks before. The sneakers were set by the front door with care. A small breakfast was eaten, leaving plenty of room for chocolate delights. The stroller was prepped and ready to go. No storage container was brought. 32 stops for chocolate tasting goodness and I was all in. I was so busy enjoying the company of my companions, pushing a sweet baby in a stroller, and eating chocolate that I hardly took any photos. Just a few that are variations of this:

IMG_0196And, I realize you can’t tell from the photo, but that is Wilbur Chocolate in the background. And, it smells like chocolate where we are in this photo. Yes, walking down the street you just inhale the incredible smell of chocolate. It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want to move there. Oh, and that small group of ladies, that is my chocolate tasting crew. And, this is my only photo of them. I bet they are so glad I only managed a photo of their backsides. I’m such a great friend.

I also took this photo: IMG_0211

That chubby foot was made possible by chocolate. I actually use to eat a Wilbur bud each time I woke up in the middle of the night to feed this dear child in the very early days. I tell you this because you don’t know who I am. And, believe it or not I am cavity free as of my last dentist appointment a couple weeks ago.

Enough rambling…

What I want to present you with, dear reader, is this cute store: Zest, located on the main street in Lititz, PA.


Photo from Zest’s home page.

And, one of the chocolate stops. The store is filled with kitchen gadgets, gourmet food, and is a delight to behold. A place to wander and explore. It also was one of my favorite chocolate stops. I didn’t get a good photo, but I had the best salted caramel chocolate ever. Yes, ever. It was smooth and rich. Sweet. I was leary of the salt crystals, but the way they worked with the chocolate and caramel goodness was like some kind of gastronomical magic, salt and sweet. Because of said baby, the day went in a whirl for me. Only later did I investigate the store and the maker of the best salted caramel. Let me introduce you to Evans Candy.

Evans Candy is a family owned and operated business and has been operating for over 30 years. They are committed to using only the finest ingredients with no preservatives. Thus, you could say, they are kind of healthy? For sure a place worth checking out. I found their facebook page to have some pretty awesome photos of their stuff. Mmmmm

What on earth does this have to do with wallpaper? Look back at the photo of Zest’s store front. On the right side of the photo is what we call, Distressed Harlequin Wallpaper. Doesn’t it look perfect? They also put some up in the back portion of their store in the kitchen area. Where they were handing out Evans Candy:


Can you spot the milk chocolate salted caramels?

To sum up:

  • Move to Litiz, PA. Or, plan a day to stroll through the quaint town.
  •  Zest: Stop in for some kitchen wonders. Appreciate their excellent use of wallpaper on feature walls.
  • Distressed Harlequin Wallpaper, our item #EBY082, is a versatile pattern. Looks great in the background of photos featuring chocolate, among other applications.
  • Evans Candy: Maker of some pretty awesome chocolate. Good stuff. Family owned and operated. Reasonable prices.

Girls’ Room Pink Damask Wallpaper


We moved into a larger home with little character. No custom woodwork, no artisan crafted built-ins. A lot of wall to wall carpeting and vaulted ceilings. We appreciate every square foot, but we miss the little touches our previous home had. How to make it feel home-y quickly and on a limited budget? Did you say wallpaper? Well, you are correct (I’m sure this wasn’t a big surprise to you since you are reading a wallpaper blog)!

We chose a damask pattern for its classic look: Delicate Document Damask Wallpaper in the pink and white colorway. If need be, this design would be suitable to use throughout the school age years. Classy enough that I won’t feel the need to redo it once the girls are out of elementary school. Make some minor decor changes, and it can grow up quickly. For now, though, we are enjoying the fun little girlish touches that include:

  1. Wal-Mart Bunk Bed.
  2. Antique end table (provided via Grandma).
  3. Pink fitted sheets from local discount store.
  4. Pottery Barn Kids green and white stripe balloon shades.
  5. Circo horse lamp (from Target).
  6. Pottery Barn Kids quilt.
  7. Whimsical print on canvas from our local Home Goods store.
Delicate Document Damask with Target horse lamp and Pottery Barn Kids curtains.

Delicate Document Damask with Target horse lamp and Pottery Barn Kids curtains.


Discount Wallcovering Item# PEY095 (Delicate Document Damask) with Pottery Barn Kids green and white curtain.

Added some whimsy to the walls with this print on canvas found at Home Goods.

Added some whimsy to the walls with this print on canvas found at Home Goods.

Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper

It’s true: wallpaper has a bad rap. You move in to a fixer upper and most times, you have to remove that old wallpaper. Pieces of plaster or dry wall come off with it. Wall repair. Nothing makes you want to paint like having to spend hours pulling old solid vinyl fruit baskets off your walls. But, York has been working hard to make wallpaper easier to hang and remove than ever. Not only do they now make most of their patterns on SureStrip, but they also recommend a spray bottle for wetting the paper instead of using a water tray. You can still use a water tray, but the simplicity of a spray bottle vs a water tray is appealing.

A Personal Favorite: Willow Tree Wallpaper

Minuet aka Blue Willow Wallpaper SJR039

Ronald Redding’s pattern, Minuet, displays the flowing branches of a willow tree. You can imagine it dancing in the spring breeze. We just had snow here on the ground last week, but today it was warm enough to open the door and let in the spring breeze (and yet not completely melt the darn snow). While the ground is still brown, and the branches still bare, spring is here and soon will be evidenced by the weeping willows. You can have your own bit of spring year round, with this designer wallpaper. And, of course, at a great deal. This paper retails for $149.98 /bolt, and we have it priced $50.00/bolt. It is one of my favorites, and very difficult to resist using some myself. But, as we do have limited quantities, resist I must! You can find it on our web-site here. I did have fun taking some photos (while imagining the world soon filled with a lot more green):


Blue Willow Wallpaper


Blue Willow Wallpaper


How to Easily Apply Giant Wall Decals

Step 1: Prepare for application.

Prepare to apply your giant wall decal

First things first: unpackage your wall decal and choose your location. A little measuring might be in order to ensure that your assembled design will fit in the intended space. Wipe your wall with a dry or slightly damp cloth to ensure it’s clean and free of any dust. If your design needs to be nice and level, lightly trace a straight line on the wall with a pencil. Once you’re fully prepped, you can start the application process.

Remember: do not apply wall decals to freshly painted surfaces! We recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks to allow paint to “cure” before application.

Step 2: Stick the top of the decal to the wall.

Apply the top of the decal to the wall

Although it might be tempting to peel the whole wall decal from the sheet and try to stick it on the wall in one go, we highly recommend taking a slow and steady approach to reduce bubbles, creases, and other frustrations. Unpeel approximately one to two inches of the top of the decal away from the liner, and carefully press it to the wall as shown above. Make sure the entire top makes contact with the wall, and is pressed smooth and flat.

Step 3: Smooth it out!

Smooth out the wall decal

To continue the process, you’ll want to do exactly as shown above. Slowly peel the liner away from the wall decal, pulling straight down, while smoothing the sticker out on the wall. This is where it would be helpful to have a second set of hands: one person can smooth while the other peels down the liner.

Work slowly in small sections to smooth the decal to the wall. If your wall sticker gets crooked or you spot an air bubble, slowly peel the decal from the wall, then re-smooth. Remember: because wall decals are removable and reusable with no damage, you can peel the decal away and re-apply as many times as you need to.

Step 4: Keep smoothing…

Continue smoothing the design on the wall

The further you go, the easier the process will become. Keep slowly peeling down the liner as you smooth out the decal on the wall. In the event of a bubble or crease, simply pull the decal from the wall and re-apply. If you miss a bubble or air pocket on the way down, don’t fret: you can still smooth these out at the end.

Step 5: …and finish!

Peel away the bottom of the liner

When you reach the bottom of your wall decal, you’ll find it easiest to stick one bottom corner to the wall, then smooth from the applied side to the non-applied side, peeling the liner away as you move. Don’t worry about bending or pulling on the wall decal too much, since the stickers will keep their shape on the wall no matter what you do with the liner.

If your decal has several large parts, repeat this process with the additional pieces until you’ve assembled the full design. Once you’re finished, give yourself a pat on the back (and say thanks to any helpers)! If you spot any bubbles, you can grab a credit card and use it to gently push them to the sides, where they’ll eventually disappear. If your design is crooked, simply peel it away from the wall and start over. Once you’re satisfied, take a few photos, call the family over to see your handiwork, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

What if I want to remove my wall decal?

How to safely remove your wall decal

If you’re dealing with a large, single piece design, removing it might seem a little daunting. Just work slowly and carefully and you’ll find that there’s nothing to worry about! First, unpeel the ends, and then with one corner in each hand, slowly but firmly peel the decal away from the wall. Don’t pull too hard or fast: tugging on the design could result in creases or slight stretching.

Once the design has been removed, you can either reposition it on the wall, stick it back on its liner, or place it somewhere else. If you’re moving it to a new spot, try to follow the application process listed above; you won’t have a liner to peel away, but it’s best to grab a second person who can hold the bottom of the decal away from the wall as you smooth it out from top to bottom.

Do you have any tips of your own for quickly and easily applying a giant wall decal? Let us know in the comments—if you have a really good one, we’ll add it to this post!