One of our Favorites from the Close-out Section

We love these playful and fun monkeys on an eye catching red background. This one is “hidden” away on our close-out page, but a great deal at $20.00 a BOLT.  You might have figured out by now, but:

2 single rolls = 1 double roll = 1 bolt

AND, here are some photos we took today that shows off how great this pattern looks when it is unrolled:


   As always, you can get a sample for $5.00 (plus 1.95 shipping and handling). The five dollar portion is refundable with a subsequent purchase (In case you want to see what it looks like in your home).

Ohhhh pretty pretty paper ideas!

Peacock pattern wallpaper

Real Simple’s wallpaper ideas!

“In love with the idea of fabulous wallpaper but afraid to pick (and make it stick)? From modern geometrics to feminine florals, get inspired by these wow-worthy ideas. If your walls could talk, they would thank you.”

PS And of course, we being DISCOUNT wallcovering and all; can find you this kind of look for a lot less. Don’t find what you like on our web-site? Let us know and we’ll help you locate a certain kinda pattern.